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Private or Public Health Care?1 min read

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As I’ve said previously in Christian Healthcare Alternatives, I think we need a tiered, shared model for health care.  My previous five tiers can be simplified to these three:

(1) We need to reward personal responsibility in healthcare, and perhaps penalize irresponsible behaviors (like charging higher insurance premiums for smokers).
(2) We need a private, market-based solution to drive costs down and quality up.
(3) We need a supplemental governmental program to help keep the poor and others from falling through the cracks.

This all becomes more clear to me as I read today about Canada’s collapsing healthcare system.

Now, we find in this New York Times article that the meltdown continues and increasing numbers look to private care for the medical needs–even though such care has been illegal….Americans want the Canadian system and many Canadians were beginning to want the American approach.