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The Drama of Bad Church Testimonies

Few things are as influential as positive testimonies, be they for products, or for faith. The practice of telling the story of how you came to faith, a.k.a. the personal testimony, has waned of late in many churches, in no small part because either people are...


27 Critical musings on the film Noah

There’s been a lot of ballyhoo about the liberties taken by director Darren Aranofsky in his new film Noah. As an evangelical myself, I wondered how I would like the film. I’m really not into boycotting films, but more into reflecting on them. Here are...


10 (Atheist) Questions about God – Part 1

One of my favorite atheist podcasts is from The Thinking Atheist. Seth, the proprietor of TA, is a former Christian who is now an outspoken atheist apologist. He is both thoughtful as well as, at times, maddeningly blind to his lapses into some of the...