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10 lies Obamacare told me6 min read

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I don't have time to back all of these claims up with data.   I'll leave it up to you to google for the evidence, or the contrary.  I don't care if you liberals think it's just blathering because I don't take time to explain it all to you in detail – you won't listen anyway.  I just do this to make a list for my own reference.


  1. Obamacare won't lead to a single payer system, thereby eliminating private health insurance.  Here's the deal – with the government plan available, it will be cost effective for your employer to stop offering you health insurance – so where will you go?  To the government plan, cause it's 'cheap' (since you'll be subsidizing it through your taxes).
  2. Obamacare is not meant to eliminate private health insurance.  Just listen to Obama and his administration's speeches on this, as well as experts. It will inexorably go there unless real protections are built in.
  3. Obamacare will improve health coverage for all.  Untrue.  In fact, for the 68% of us who are happy w/ our health insurance, it will DECREASE the quality of care – just look at the dissasfaction levels in Canada and the UK, and you'll see where we're headed. 

    Having worked in the HMO industry, I know how the money flows, so let me explain at least ONE probable way in which the current plans will hurt your care.  In a capitated system (which I think the current plans are), where
    physicians are NOT paid by services rendered (a.k.a. fee-for-service), but per person (per 'head', or 'capitated') whether
    they come in or not, physicians have an incentive to NOT see you,
    because it cost them money rather than earns them money.

  4. Obamacare will not lead to rationing.  Perhaps you haven't heard Obama talk about 'attenuated care' for the elderly – translation?  Your healthcare coverage will decrease based on your age – it will be 'spent' on people with higher value.  Or, as we say in the programming world, you can have it cheap, fast, or good, choose two.  If it's 'cheap' and fast, it won't be good.  If it's going to be delivered fast and good, it won't be cheap.  And if it's cheap and good, there will be a long line.  Just ask the Canadians.
  5. Obamacare wont' be used for abortions.  The Hyde amendment only covers Medicare.  It doesn't cover the hundreds of thousands we already give to Planned Parenthood, and now with Obama's rejection of the Mexico City policy, we are now already paying for abortions overseas.  You can bet that the liberal abortion lobby, who have the liberals in their pockets, arelobbying for a piece of the pie, and their dirty, bloodstained fingers are already manipulating their Congresspersons behind the scene.
  6. Obamacare will SAVE us money in the long run.  If all you consider is the reduction in administration costs that one single pipe and capitated billing create, and the gains of preventative care, perhaps you might think that.  But what you are ignoring is that:
    – employers will be dumping people onto the public system, which will overburden it
    – the incentive for money saving that competition creates will be gone, so either our costs go up or our quality goes down
    – government systems are fraught with fraud, and unlike the insurance industries, there won't be much incentive for the government to fight it – easier to just hike the taxes
  7. Obamacare will help the elderly.  See rationing argument above.  The AARP has been taken over by liberals (they support all kind of liberal causes that don't help their constituents), so their position doesn't count.  Watch as thousands of members cancel their membership over the next few months.  You see, they won't deny your grandma healthcare for her late stage cancer – I mean, they'll deny her treatment, but they'll offer her a cost-saving Death with Dignity service!
  8. We are in a crisis and only creating an expensive, expansive new government program will solve it.  There are much better solutions which not only are priced better, they support the free market principles that work AND can reign in insurance company greed.  But this plan, which of course the insurance companies would want to oppose just for their own survival, is just poor judgment even if it 'sticks it to the evil capitalist insurance companies' (and they are greedy bastards).
  9. Obamacare won't turn out to be as poor and economically unsustainable as Native American healthcare, the VA, and Medicare.  Who are you kidding?  This program is gobs larger, and they can't even manage the 'little' ones!  On what grounds would anyone think this is somehow different?  It's ambitious, yes, but equally foolish and naive.  Wake up Utopians!
  10. George W. Bush created the healthcare problem, as well as global warming on Mars.  That's right.  It's all his fault – stupid, chimplike, warmonger George and his evil cronies actually made Satan fall from heaven too.  The Obama admin can only create good, and all evils are the previous admins fault, no matter how far in the distance they are.

I hope to God that Obamacare does not pass, because it's just another expensive cure that is worse than the illness.  The next GOP president should run on a "Common Sense" platform, once we see how this Utopianism masquerading as intelligent hope creates it's own mess, worse than the last.  Long live the Gingrich!