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Essential Products for Babies I – Medicines and Ointments1 min read

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This post is part of a series.

As a father of three, I have tried many products for babies and toddlers.  Here’s my best of list.

1. Baby Oil

Great for cleaning crusty noses and faces, moisturizing dry scalps and skin, and a great massage and marital aid


2. Desitin

Good diaper rash creme, you may use another with same active ingredients.


3. Neosporin

Some diaper rashes are infections, and rash cream won’t fix them.


4. Baby Orajel

When the baby is having teething pain, and they are too young for teething tablets  use this and the next item!

5. Gripe water

Natural, will help calm them for sleep.  Ahhh. Trust me, this stuff is safe and works! (About gripe water)


6. Teething Tablets

Note that in 2010, Hyland teething tablets were recalled by the FDA for inconsistent and sometimes HIGH doses of beladonna. This has been corrected, and they should be safe.


7. Senna Laxative

senna 200px-Fletcherslax

So, what have I missed?