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10 reasons why Obama may be the “greatest” President in history1 min read

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The Obama presidency is historic, for many reasons.  However, I think that his legacy may be more negative than positive.  Here, I list my pessimistic (realistic?) list of Obama's greatest historic contributions. 

Obama's "Greatest" Moments

Obama may leave behind:

  1. The greatest national debt in history
  2. The greatest economic crash since the Great Depression
  3. The greatest setback to racial 'color blindness' since Jeremiah Wright affirmative action Jim Crowe
  4. The greatest racial insults from a sitting president since Spirew Agnew's "fat Jap" remark (Agnew was VP)
  5. The greatest foreign policy miscalculations with respect to tyrants since the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact (the non-agression pact between Russia and Hitler's Germany)
  6. The greatest attack of Americans on domestic soil since 9/11 (TBD)
  7. The greatest rush on ammunition and survival gear since the early cold war
  8. The greatest increase in government funded infanticide since King Herod (or perhaps the Pharoah of Moses' day)
  9. The greatest taxpayer revolt since the Revolutionary War
  10. The greatest similarity to the anti-Christ of any American President (apologies to Ronald Reagan)

And for the record, I only believe half of these ;).  The rest are cynical humor.