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10 Questions Atheists Can’t Answer Well1 min read

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There are the basic world view questions:
1. Origins: Where did life and humanity originate?
2. The Problem: Why is there suffering, sickness, and death?
3. The Solution: What is the cure for man’s suffering, esp. his existential loneliness?

Questions of Meaning and Value:
4. How does an atheist assign meaning to human activity? Is all meaning subjective, or do some activities have self-evident and objective worth and meaning. If so, what are these activities, and how to you arrive at their value?
5. Are humans of more intrinsic value than animals? Why or why not?
6. How does an atheist determine what is moral or immoral, right or wrong. Is there any objective standard or principles?

Questions of Worldview:
7. What type of government does atheistic philosophy translate into? How does it understand the relationship between man and government? What type of government structures flow from an atheistic world view? Does it merely rely on someone else’s system of thought, like the assumptions of naturalistic science?
8. How does atheism view religions and religious faith? What about metaphysics? Is atheism purely materialistic and naturalistic?
9. Who are the authoritative writers/books of atheism? What are the central tenets of atheism, and if they have a “greatest commandment,” what is it? For example, arguably, Christianity’s is “Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.”

Questions of Revelation:
10. What happens after we die?