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Moses was on drugs…1 min read

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says a professor known to partake of mind-altering drugs. To make this even more over the top – Yes, he was on drugs when his thoughts turned to the life of the Exodus leader:

The professor, who came up with his theory after experiencing firsthand the effects of a hallucinogenic brew used in religious rituals in Brazil, said the story of Moses and the burning bush also had the hallmarks of a psychedelic experience.

Honestly, it is becoming more and more difficult to determine what stories are from The Onion and other satirical news sources and what stories are genuine MSM stories. I’m not sure who looks worse in this story – the professor who proposed this “theory” or the media who dutifully report it.

Exit Questions: Would a similar theory about the leader of a certain other world religion garner the same theory? If so, would the press be so quick to jump on it and report it sans real criticism from adherents of the faith?