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Americans unconcerned and ignorant2 min read

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What’s new about that? Unfortunately not much.

As the filibuster debate reaches a climax, most Americans are yawning according to Christian Science Monitor.

While I suppose it is not such a shocker that most of America has no idea about the issues involved in the filibuster debate. It does not surprise me that most in our nation do not care about what could be the most important issue of our time (or at least one of the issues with the longest lasting effect).

I would however expect the media covering the issue to know some of the details and the history involved in this debate.

Indeed, those voters with a taste for Washington news and political history are often quick to point out that not long ago the Republicans were using the same filibuster-stalling tactics they now claim to abhor.

“Doesn’t Strom Thurmond hold the filibuster record?” asks Jim Coopman, a Chicago accountant, relaxing outside the Intelligentsia cafe. (His Washington trivia point is accurate.)

What isn’t correct about his or the CSM’s “Washington trivia” is that Thurmond was not a Republican when he infamously filibustered against a 1957 civil rights bill for 24 hours and 18 minutes.

Not only that, but the article fails to point out that Thurmond’s filibuster was on a piece of legislation, while this current debate is over judicial filibuster. The legislative filibuster will not be touched in any of the current plans.

Later today, I will post another piece on the filibuster debate and the current misconceptions about the issues involved.