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McCain and NY Times: BFFs no more1 min read

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John McCain once called the New York Times and the media his “base.” Well, the base has turned on him. After their huge report on a possible-kinda-sorta-not really close affair with a lobbyist, they have unleashed their latest salvo at the man they endorse a scant month ago: He might not be qualified to be the president because he wasn’t born in America. Well, no he wasn’t, but he was born to American citizens on an American military base as his father was serving our country in Panama.

McCain is not my favorite politician in the world, but I tend to agree with the vast majority of people: the old (bitter) grey lady is out for blood when it comes to John McCain. Maybe it was an especially bad breakup and McCain dumped all their stuff on the floor under their locker during lunch period. I don’t know, but it looks like they may start keying the Straight-Talk Express or have their best friend MSNBC send him nasty text messages.