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Washington Post surprised by conservative compassion1 min read

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The Washington Post finds it “surprising” that conservatives would support and vote for a measure that would allow gay partners and other non-family members visitation rights.

It is only surprising because the Post is working off of a stereotype that says conservatives (and Christians) would never support something if it may benefit gay citizens.

Yes, there is a deep divide over gay marriage and all that it entails, but the vast majority of conservatives (and Christians) have no desire to stop a patient from bringing in their life partner or their business partner to their hospital room.

Bills similar have garnered support from numerous Christian conservatives, such as Dr. James Dobson. This is an area of agreement which can be built upon. Many of the things brought up in the gay marriage debate can be achieved in similar fashion without having to venture into the controversial territory.

Is this an issue where common ground can be taken and given or is this an all-or-nothing for many on both sides? It appears the Post is surprised it is not the case for many on the conservative side.