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Two vaguely political questions1 min read

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Yes, I said I would be cutting back on politics. You will have to trust me on this one – I have. But I did have two questions, which aren’t exactly political, but have ramifications for politics (especially since both come from NR’s The Campaign Spot).

Why have we not seen any headlines like this – Oil Drops $21 a Barrel Over Two Weeks?

I haven’t seen the headlines but those are the facts. Earlier in July, oil was $147.27. Now it has dropped sharply to $126.25. AAA is saying, they expect the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded to fall back below the $4 mark in the coming weeks. 

What does the lack of headlines say? What factors are responsible for the drop?

If a surge was the wrong answer in Iraq, why is it the right answer in Afghanistan?

I would like to see that question asked to those who hold those two seemingly contradictory positions. Many politicians and pundits who argued against the surge in Iraq have, while acknowledging the improvements, maintained their original opposition to the surge.

Yet many of these same individuals want to move the increased troops from Iraq to Afghanistan, "surging" the American presence there to reduce the violence and increase security.

What makes one situation right for a surge while the other was wrong regardless of how well it turned out?