Homeschooling Material for 6th Grade

This is our first year doing homeschooling – we are starting our 6th grader, while our two younger children are still in the excellent Walnut Grove public school. We are totally nervous (n00bs), and since we are homeschooling under Connecting Waters charter home school, we...


Less Dangerous: The Love Fundamentalists

The other day, a friend mined the following quote from Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’  To Heal a Fractured World: The Ethics of Responsibility: The only force equal to a fundamentalism of hate is a counter-fundamentalism of love. (p. 8) Jonathan Sacks is an important thought leader in...


PODCAST: Taking Refuge In God – Psalm 31

Have you ever been so stressed or sad that you felt like you were losing years off of your life? That real life was so hard you wanted to just let all of your responsibilities slide so you could hide until the storm passed? You...

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