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Dog people : golf > cat people : ???5 min read

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I was meditating on one of my favorite hobbies and realized that my choice of hobby was related to the fact that I was a cat person.  Then it hit me – dog people have a favorite pastime that is analogous.

Dog people like golf : cat people like … bird watching. And this is all due to the different nature of dog and cat people.

As a dedicated cat person who sort of likes dogs (as long as they aren’t in MY house, or barking, stinking, or pooping near my house), I have long and deeply considered the personality traits that lead one to become a cat or dog person.

*** WARNING***
This post is humorous, and filled with annoying generalizations designed to make you mad.

Dog People – the good side

Dog people are, in general (please, don’t complain if you don’t fit the stereotype), more playful and active. If given a choice between a frolic with the frisbee in the sun, and a good book with a cup of tea, the frolic wins.  Dog people can be care free and fun, and don’t let themselves get pulled down by the difficulties of life.  They intend to love life and enjoy it.

Dog People – the dark side

Dog people can also be annoyingly light-hearted (too much frivolity), and seemingly lacking in pensive depth.  In fact, they often interact at an incredibly superficial level (even if they themselves are not shallow), thinking that a romp in the park can solve even the most serious tragedies.  In attempting to console others, they can be impertinently and inappropriately humorous, thinking that humor, or tossing you a tennis ball should make you feel better instantly (since it does them).  They often shy away from the deeper, more serious emotions, tending to find comfort in humor.

They have little patience for intellectual discussions of any sort, especially in the highly “impractical” disciplines of philosophy, politics, and theology.  Their philosophy is “don’t worry, be happy.”  Their politic is “live and let live,” and their theology is forgiving and hedonistic.

Dog People and golf

Dog people enjoy golf for one reason – they like to chase balls and romp in the grass outside.  Life is about play.  it’s about the sunshine.  It’s about pleasure.  It’s about the base pleasures of life – eating, pooping, sex, play, and sleeping.

Cat People -the good side

Cat people are, in general, more reflective and introspective.  If given a choice between a frolic with the frisbee in the sun, and a good book with a cup of tea, the book wins.  Cat people can be thoughtful, good listeners, and sources of perspective and wisdom.  They tend not to waste time on the frivolities of life, but invest time in things of meaning.

Cat People – the dark side

Cat people can be annoyingly aloof, arrogant, and seemingly uninterested in the lives of those around them.  They can be overly serious, and lack even the ability to laugh, much less laugh at themselves.  They can over-analyze and over-think even the simplest of tasks, and be real downers in social situations.  Every conversation has to turn into a political, philosophical, or religious debate.

They have little patience for spontaneity, and have a perverse need for tranquility and order.  They have little patience for highly “frivolous” activities such as spectator sports, reality TV, and fiction.  Their philosophy is “an unexamined life is not worth living.”  Their politic is “do what it takes to keep order, but don’t tread on me,” and their theology is mostly serious, demanding and contemplative.  It’s all about thinking, planning, order, and being calm.

Cat People and bird watching

Cat people enjoy bird watching for many reasons (there can’t be just one reason for them).   They don’t like to interact, as much as observe and learn.  They enjoy slinking around observing other creatures unbeknownst.  In some cases, they actually enjoy stalking others looking for a weak point at which to attack, always scheming to use the element of surprise.  For them, it’s all about being a solo artist – being quiet, observant, thoughtful, independent, and planning life from the shadows, springing their plans on life to get the best results.  It’s about self-mastery and control of life – knowledge, wisdom, planning, peace and order.