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Reasonable Faith Conference Day 2 / Keynote2 min read

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Wm Craig – 7 evidences for God

1. Why does anything exist? (Cosmological argument)

A. Contingency argument

1. Everything that exists has an explanation for its existence, either necessary or contingent

a. The universe used to be thought as eternally and self existent. Now we know it had a beginning.

2. The universe contingently exists. What could cause the universe?

3. The explanation must be greater than the universe, all of space and time

a. External to space and time
b. Transcendent and immaterial
c. Personal – must have volition to choose to act in eternity

2.  The origin of the universe … Nothing can only produce nothing

3. Fine tuning  (teleologic argument)

A. Constants undetermined by the laws of nature
B. Arbitrary quantities like entropy, antimatter / matter balance

C. Possible explanations for fine tuning

1. Physical necessity
. The laws of nature don’t limit the constants
. M-theory (string) postulates such varieties of universes

2. Chance
. Probability is statistically 0
. Parallel universes, undetectable to us, exist (world ensemble)?
. An infinite number of universes is impossible bc our expanding universe demands that even other causal universes had a finite beginning, so only a limited number can exist.

3. Design

4. Objective moral values and duties (moral argument)

1. If god does not exist, objective moral values do not exist (mackie, ruse)
. If we are accidentally created beings in a meaningless universe, what is absolutely right or wrong?
2. objective moral values do exist
. Objective Moral laws are gradually discovered and understood, not gradually formed or developed over time
3. Therefore god exists

5. The possibility of gods existence (ontological argument)

A. Actual v possible worlds
. If a maximally great god exists in any world, he must exist in all possible worlds
> one attribute of greatness is necessary being, not contingent
> other atttributes include omnipresent, potent, niscient, benevolent
. Therefore god exists in all possible worlds
. Therefore, god exists in the actual world

6. The historical facts of jesus’ life, death, resurrection (historic argument)

7. Belief in god is properly basic and can be experienced immediately (experiential argument)

A. Beliefs which are appropriately grounded may be rationally accepted