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Reasonable Faith Conference, Day 2 / Session 11 min read

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Conference Day 2 / Session 1

Craig Haizen – Christianity and world religions

A. Raising an arm as a miracle
1. My soul initiated the action

B. Christianity is different
1. Its claims are testable
2. 1 Cor 15…if Christ is not raised, we are fools
3. Xianity is grounded in historical claims
a. Hinduism separates religious claims from reality, expects no connection
b. Buddhism is mostly experience oriented, makes few metaphysical claims
c. Islam claims no miracles

C. How xianity is different
1. Xianity is testable
2. Salvation is free
3. World view fits reality
a. Pain/evil/suffering…what do other views say?
. Eastern religions say it’s an illusion
. All world views have problems answering this, but we offer hope
4. You get to live a …….. Life Is. 1:18, 42:21, Jn. 1:1
5. Xianity has Jesus at the center
a.  is a figure in most religions, but not central…why do they all include him?

D. Closing
1. The blind man and the elephant…the original
2. The Raja appears and tells the blind men what they were touching…they did not know and had to be told or they would keep brawling