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Science agrees: creationists may be right about animal origins

As per the neato animation below, modern science thinks all living dogs came from one ancestor, the grey wolf. This is, of course, congruent with both Darwinian theory of origins AND creationism, but especially with the latter. Why? Created Kinds or “Baramins” Christianity teaches that...


Dark Matter and other Made Up Things

I am glad to see the resurrection of Bloom County, one of the best comics of all time (behind, perhaps Calvin & Hobbes, Dilbert and the Peanuts). Today’s comic deals with the failure of our cosmological models in understanding the expansion of the universe. Scientists have...


The speed of light is slowing? YECs may be right.

Young earth creationists (YEC) have long maintained that the earth and universe are very young (less than 10K years old!)  primarily based on their reading of the creation story and genealogies of Genesis 1 in the Bible. In order to make this jive with science,...