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Science agrees: creationists may be right about animal origins3 min read

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Biological Taxonomy
Biological Taxonomy

As per the neato animation below, modern science thinks all living dogs came from one ancestor, the grey wolf. This is, of course, congruent with both Darwinian theory of origins AND creationism, but especially with the latter. Why?

Created Kinds or “Baramins”

Christianity teaches that Noah took one pair of each KIND of animal – but not every kind of dog, for instance, but one pair of dog ancestors, one pair of cat ancestors, etc. Creationists associate this “kind” with what we currently call Order or Family – so for instance, in the case of the dog, the biological family name is Canidae, which includes  domestic dogs, wolves, foxes, jackals, dingoes, and many other extant and extinct dog-like mammals.

dogkindsCreationists believe that inheritance from a common ancestor occurred within created kinds (Baraminology), such as shown in the image to the right.

While genetics seem to support the idea that all dogs descended from a single kind or even pair of wolves, and similarly, humans seem to have come from a unique pair of humans (see mitochondrial eve), it is much less clear or supported that all of these various kinds came from one ancestor, even though modern Darwinism requires such a common ancestor.

The reason such a common ancestor is required by Darwinism is primarily that successful forward evolution is so improbable that for complex organs like the eye it just seems impossible to have evolved more than once.

Except that modern genetics has already shown that similar organs across Orders or Classes are NOT genetically related, and so “must have” evolved twice (convergent evolution), despite the unlikelihood. But until genetics proves Darwinists wrong again, they can hope that their unlikely origins story is not made doubly so with each new piece of data.

The Real Difference Between Baramins and Darwinian Origins

Creationism posits that for all dogs to descend from one wolf, no new information needs to be created – all can be reached through adaptation and gene selection, not new gene creation. And this matches what we have witnessef and exploited through thousands of years of animal breeding. Breeding cows gets you more cows, and not much more than that.

Creationists also posit that the specified complexity of the information needed to create that first wolf could NOT have evolved, because such information can only come from intelligence.

Darwinism requires all such complexity to arise by random mutation, natural selection, and perhaps some as yet unknown mechanism that could make common ancestry probable (it’s not probable now).

Enjoy this short video.