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Astronomers Baffled by Mature, Distant Galaxies1 min read

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In an interesting article at AIG, Andrew Rig discusses last year’s discovery by UT Astronomers of a string of mature galaxies at the edge of where we can currently observe.1 Problem?  In the words of one UT astronomer:
The simulations tell us that you cannot take the matter in the early universe and line it up in strings this large….There simply hasn’t been enough time since the big bang to form structures this colossal.

Of note are two things – first, a young universe, as proposed by Creationists, would fit this observation.  Second, I like Rig’s statement about how this new data will be handled – it says a lot about how we do science, and evolutionists would do well to admit it
Naturalistic cosmologists will undoubtedly find a way to fit this new evidence into the atheistic big bang model. However, this would merely show that scientists always interpret facts in the light of theory. Theory, in turn, depends on one’s belief system.
Exactly.  But of course, evolutionary, naturalist, materialists don’t have a “belief system.”  Noooo, they are too scientific for that.  :roll:
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