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Is Genesis Metaphorical or Historical?

One of the more informative podcasts I listen to regularly is Issues Etc.  Recently, they interviewed Joel Heck, who’s written a very inexpensive book entitled In the Beginning, God: Creation from God’s Perspective, which examines the questions surrounding the historicity and interpretation of Genesis. I...


13 Misconceptions About Evolution

Over at one of my favorite sites, The List Universe, James Frater has posted a pro-evolution article, Top 15 Misconceptions about Evolution, which instigated me to make my own list of misconceptions from the other perspective.  I apologize in advance for the many links, and...


Is Creationism a Barrier to Faith?

A CBS Poll published Oct 23, 2005 shows that most Americans believe in, *gasp*, special creation.  Buahahaha!  Silly evolutionists – either Americans are a bunch of boobs, or you are… hmmmm. God created humans in present form –  51% Humans evolved, God guided the process...