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Spiritual Disciplines 04 – SOAP

This post is part of a series. This very popular method of devotional scripture study has four steps, outlined in the acrostic SOAP. Begin by opening your journal (this is a written exercise). And by the way, there is an iOS app for this! Check out


Spiritual Disciplines 01 – Lectio Divina

This post is part of a series. This first spiritual discipline is a fantastic way to allow scripture to lead you into an experience with God. It is more experiential than analytic, but that’s OK! Tradition tells us that Lectio Divina as we know it


Examen.me – a cool scripture meditation tool

I am fond of the rudimentary but helpful site examen.me. It has various subjects and readying tracks that you can follow, such as 14 Days on the Sayings of Jesus the Sayings of Paul God and Nature Social Justice, etc. But basically, it gives you


GUIDE: Best Online Bible Tools

There’s a ton out there.  Here are my favorites so far: Bible Study biblegateway.com – this site I use quite a lot because you can search a passage across many translations at ONCE, and view the differences (try Passage Lookup in the left nav) –


Newest Bible translation – LOLcat

For those of you who are gamers and cat lovers, you already know what a LOLcat is.  Now, the Bible is being translated into LOLcat.  Very nice.  Here’s Job 1:6-12  from the LOLCcat Bible: Teh ayngles wented to seez Ceiling Cat, and Saitin wented two.


TSNT – Pro-gay NT translation? Part II

In Part I, we examined the TSNT translation of NT passages that deal with homosexuality.   We discussed why this supposedly "gay-friendly" translation doesn’t seem that friendly, and why it may be a translation based on a hermeneutic of common Greek usage, while not considering the

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TSNT – Pro-gay NT translation? Part I

I just reported on the Study New Testament for Lesbians, Gays, Bi, and Transgender, but this bible doesn't seem to destigmatize homosexuality in its translation of the NT – except that it doesn't use the term "homosexual."  And I must say, its interpretation of the


TSNT – A pro-gay, pro-woman NT Translation

Books such as Daniel A. Helminiak‘s What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality have promoted a pro-gay interpretation of both the OT and NT passages that deal with homosexuality.  In general, they take an approach that says (a) that only homosexual (temple) prostitution, and rape


Innovative New Bible Format

A project called The Books of the Bible Project is about to release a new layout for the bible that encourages reading of the books as literature.  Endorsed by a few heavy hitters like Gordon Fee, this Bible makes some interesting and thoughtful changes to

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My new favorite Bible

…and it hasn’t even come out yet. In October, B&H Publishing will be releasing  The Apologetics Study Bible. Listen to this Post Voice-over by TTSEngine.com

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Manga Bible

Here’s a cool new version of the bible – the Manga Bible.  Got to love it.  You can view sample pages there too.  NT done, entire bible to be released later this year. HT:  Challies Listen to this Post Voice-over by TTSEngine.com