Possible Answers to Jesus’ Failed Prophecies

Possible Answers to Jesus’ Failed Prophecies

You could classify objections to the claims of scriptures in three categories: External – historical or scientific inaccuracies Internal – too many textual variants or obvious interpolations and other later edits Internal – logical inconsistencies In Read more [...]

GUIDE: Best Online Bible Tools

GUIDE: Best Online Bible Tools

There’s a ton out there.  Here are my favorites so far: Bible Study – this site I use quite a lot because you can search a passage across many translations at ONCE, and view the differences (try Passage Lookup…

Newest Bible translation – LOLcat

Newest Bible translation – LOLcat

For those of you who are gamers and cat lovers, you already know what a LOLcat is.  Now, the Bible is being translated into LOLcat.  Very nice.  Here’s Job 1:6-12  from the LOLCcat Bible: Teh ayngles wented to seez Ceiling…

TSNT – Pro-gay NT translation?  Part II

TSNT – Pro-gay NT translation? Part II

In Part I, we examined the TSNT translation of NT passages that deal with homosexuality.   We discussed why this supposedly "gay-friendly" translation doesn’t seem that friendly, and why it may be a translation based on a hermeneutic Read more [...]

TSNT – Pro-gay NT translation? Part I

I just reported on the Study New Testament for Lesbians, Gays, Bi, and Transgender, but this bible doesn't seem to destigmatize homosexuality in its translation of the NT – except that it doesn't use the term "homosexual."  And Read more…

TSNT – A pro-gay, pro-woman NT Translation

TSNT – A pro-gay, pro-woman NT Translation

Books such as Daniel A. Helminiak’s What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality have promoted a pro-gay interpretation of both the OT and NT passages that deal with homosexuality.  In general, they take an approach that says (a) that only…

Innovative New Bible Format

Innovative New Bible Format

A project called The Books of the Bible Project is about to release a new layout for the bible that encourages reading of the books as literature.  Endorsed by a few heavy hitters like Gordon Fee, this Bible makes some…

My new favorite Bible

…and it hasn’t even come out yet. In October, B&H Publishing will be releasing  The Apologetics Study Bible. Along with the full text of the Holman CSB translation, the Bible will be packed with features. It will contain over 100…

Manga Bible

Here’s a cool new version of the bible – the Manga Bible.  Got to love it.  You can view sample pages there too.  NT done, entire bible to be released later this year. HT:  Challies Read more [...]

Bible Translations

Bible Translation:  The Better Bibles Blog is a nice place to read about and discuss the strengths and shortcomings of the many English translations of the bible. Bible Translation:  The newly released Holman Bible (HCSB) has a really interesting Read…

ESV Continues Innovation with Reverse-Interlinear NT

I can’t help it – I love the English Standard Version (ESV) bible.  But not just because it is a great "formal equivalence" translation (probably the best available now, maybe the NASB needs to step aside), but the guys there…

The Exciting New ESV Journaling Bible

I am very excited to see that my newfound favorite literal translation of the Bible, the English Standard Version (ESV), has just been published in an edition that has large ruled margins for note-taking.  Very nice.  Read more [...]

The Sun Times on Bible Translations

The Chicago Sun Times has a good article on modern bible translations, called One Faith, Many Bibles.  Nothing controversial, but nice list of resources.  Me, I prefer the NASB, ESB, and LB translations, and stay away from the NIV, TNIV,…

The Outdoor Bible

A few weeks ago I received a sample in the mail of a new Bible called the Outdoor Bible. When I first heard about this I was admittedly skeptical given the recent efforts to repackage the Bible and market it…

Ken Taylor, Translator of The Living Bible, Dies at 88

Next to the NKJV/NRSV translations, the Living Bible is one of my favorite paraphrase translations (it leaves botch jobs like The Message in the dust – in the translator’s defense, however, you can read an interview at CT).  The Living…