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TSNT – A pro-gay, pro-woman NT Translation1 min read

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Books such as Daniel A. Helminiak‘s What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality have promoted a pro-gay interpretation of both the OT and NT passages that deal with homosexuality.  In general, they take an approach that says (a) that only homosexual (temple) prostitution, and rape are condemned, but not homosexuality proper, (b) that homosexual orientation was not understood or addressed, and (c) that the gospels do not record Jesus ever condemning homosexuality.  Of course, there are many credible responses to these claims.

However, one NT scholar, Ann Nyland, has taken this more liberal hermeneutic to heart, and has produced a “gay-friendly, woman-friendly” NT translation called The Source New Testament (TSNT).  You can read an interview with Nyland at Better Bibles Blog, as well as an interview at