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Newest Bible translation – LOLcat1 min read

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imageFor those of you who are gamers and cat lovers, you already know what a LOLcat is.  Now, the Bible is being translated into LOLcat.  Very nice.  Here’s Job 1:6-12  from the LOLCcat Bible:

Teh ayngles wented to seez Ceiling Cat, and Saitin wented two. Ceiling Cat axt Saitin, “Wher wuz u?”  Saitin saied “Oh, hai.  I’z wuz in ur earth, wawking up and down uponz it.” Teh Ceiling Cat sayd “Has u seen mai servnt Job?  He can has cheezburger cuz he laiks me.”

“No wai!” sed Saitin. “U just plyin favrits. If u take his cheezburgers, oar his bukkit, he no laiks u no moar.”

Then teh Ceiling Cat sed “Okai, u can take his bukkit, but no hurtzing Job hissef.”  And then Saitin went awai.