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ESV Continues Innovation with Reverse-Interlinear NT1 min read

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Esv_1 I can’t help it – I love the English Standard Version (ESV) bible.  But not just because it is a great "formal equivalence" translation (probably the best available now, maybe the NASB needs to step aside), but the guys there are really trying to innovate.  I mean, check out the list of cool things they have announced recently on their blog, including Bible Places on Google Maps, ESV Web Services (which enables such cool sites as the community tagged bible at, and the Journal Format bible (the print is too small for me, but it’s a cool idea).

But their latest innovative thing is the Reverse Interlinear NT.  Check out the post about why it is great for those who want to dabble in the Greek, and how it is superior to traditional interlinear bibles.  And if you really want to geek out, you can download and print the entire preface to this bible and read it on you lunch hour (like I did today).