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Spiritual Disciplines 06 – Examen Prayer1 min read

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This simple Ignatian Jesuit meditation method starts with a passage to prayerfully read, and then asks us to answer these five questions and record your answers:

  1. Gratitude: Prayer as you approach the scripture… “God, teach me today, open my heart and mind to hear you…”
  2. Request: Read through the scripture slowly. Feel free to listen to it, read it multiple times, and then write it in your own words as you listen for the voice of God speak to your heart.
  3. Attitude Adjustment: Now that you have read the passage, how is the Lord revealing himself to you? Quietly reflect on the words and phrases the Holy Spirit is emphasizing in your heart.
  4. Capture: Capture all you have meditated on and bring it as a prayer before God. Let your heart cry out with praise, confession, gratitude, sorrow, or comfort.
  5. Entreaty: Examen how you can align your actions, attitudes, and choices with the truth of today’s scripture. Ask Him to make it so.