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My new favorite Bible1 min read

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…and it hasn’t even come out yet. In October, B&H Publishing will be releasing  The Apologetics Study Bible.

Along with the full text of the Holman CSB translation, the Bible will be packed with features. It will contain over 100 featured articles, study notes on "problem" passages, sidebars on misinterpretations of verses by cults and profiles of key Christian apologists from Justin Martyr to C.S. Lewis.

Over 90 scholars contributed to The Apologetics Study Bible, including: Ergun Caner, Chuck Colson, William Lane Craig, William Dembski, Norman Geisler, Phillip E. Johnson, D. James Kennedy, Josh McDowell, Al Mohler, J.P. Moreland, Lee Strobel and Ravi Zacharias. It is essentially a who’s-who among current Christian apologists.