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The gay standard2 min read

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What if I said one of the most widely read political bloggers was talking about someone he disagreed with politically and he brought up a rumor that the person was gay?

Of course it would have to be a conservative blogger. Only a conservative would try to use someone’s sexual orientation as a political tool. Only a hateful right-wing bigot would spread rumors about a political opponent being gay. And of course only a conservative would see that as being worthy of mentioning in modern day political discourse.

Of course it was a conservative blogger – except for the fact that it wasn’t.

When Atrios, one of the most widely read liberal bloggers today, decided to comment about John Roberts being nominated as the next Supreme Court Chief Justice. He led off his post with this:

Well, I suppose it will be nice having an openly gay man for chief justice.

What if Instapundit, Powerline, Michelle Malkin or any of the top right-of-center bloggers had said something like that about a liberal justice? Would it be meet with such deafening silence? I doubt it. I think Atrios would be one of the first ones screaming “bigot!”

It has ceased to be funny how hypocritical many on the left are when it comes to issues dealing with minority rights. It seems the thing they really care about is being able to sling mud at conservatives about their lack of concern for minorities, not to actual do something themselves.

For them the only minorities that matter are those that fall in lock step with the Democrats, the minority party. Their punishment for the sin of hypocrisy will be to remain simply that – a minority party with no chance of becoming the majority party.