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The Slippery Slope? Married to Two Women1 min read

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Is this what conservatives meant when they said "slippery slope?"

I really don’t want to get into the gay marriage discussion now, but what is going to keep the number "2" sacred?

These are honest questions. While I may not be open to the possibility of rewriting Scripture, I am not as closed about what our laws should say.

If man and woman should not be held as the only standard for marriage, why will man/man or woman/woman be the final change?

Some may have no problem with polygamy and they are definitely entitled to that opinion, but the majority of those in support of gay marriage have assured everyone else that it would not lead to polygamy or other variations of marriage.

If you open up the definition to change, why should everyone not get their say into what is allowed in "marriage?"

is there some way or reason that two will remain sacred where man and woman has not?