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Movie predicted the underwear bomber

One of my favorite movies, panned by the easily offended leftist critics, was An American Carol, a mocumentary making fun of Michael Moore (played hilariously by Kevin Farley, Chris Farley’s brother). Watching it again, I re-enjoyed the mini-mocumentary buried in…


Tron is coming, but the MCP is here

So, I watched the trailer for Tron Legacy, and am really excited about it.  However, in watching the original (watching it now, actually), I saw the main villain, the Master Control Program (MCP), and I said to myself, "I've seen that picture before." Then I...


John Wayne Bible Studies

What can you do to bring 'real men' into the fold?  Well Pilgrim, how about John Wayne Bible studies.  The studies use the movie Angel and the Badman to study various topics, such as Vice (Badman) Virtue (Angel) Decision (The Law or the Lawless) Redemption...


For the Record: fun christian filmmaking

I just had dinner with some old friends (thank you facebook), and found out that one of the kids I used to babysit is now all grown up and making films.  And he is funny!  His character "Father Fearless" (after the jump) is great. Looks...

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