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Fundies Condemning Nativity Movie1 min read

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In their ongoing ministry of condemnation discernment, Slice is railing against Christians who recommend seeing The Nativity Story (which BTW, isn’t getting great reviews – "An effective pitch for Christianity as the dullest religion ever.")

But I digress.  Slice says:

God has never promised to bless movies. He promises to bless the preaching of the Word.

I guess someone better tell Campus Crusade to stop showing the Jesus film.  Oh yeah, and all of those youth groups using innovative ways to communicate the gospel, like drama and music?  Waste of time.  And medical missions?  Well, maybe that could be construed as "service," but you know, it sure isn’t preaching. 

In fact. I guess those trying to develop a biblical world view for other disciplines and professions should just quit now – I mean, if it’s not evangelizing, what good is it?

This hyper-utilitarianism is exactly the type of isolationist and narrow logic that Frankie Schaeffer rightly condemns in his book Addicted to Mediocrity.  Such doctrines cause men to abandon culture to the unregenerate.