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School’s no longer out for Alice Cooper1 min read

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Shock rocker Alice Cooper is funding a $3 million youth center in Phoenix to be called The Rock. Not surprisingly, students will have a chance to learn how to play guitar. Perhaps surprisingly, students will also be introduced to Christianity through on-staff counselors. “We are overtly Christian,” he says, “but we’re not going to beat you over the head with a Bible.”

It’s not surprising for Cooper, who said he became a born-again Christian 16 years ago. In 1995, he founded Solid Rock Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides money to children’s causes and college scholarships to Christian students. Cooper still admits that many may be wary of him promoting morality. “It’s a great juxtaposition,” he says. “Trust me, I walk that tightrope every day. Part of the fun is the edge of it.”