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“Left Behind” Video Game Continues to Get Free Publicity1 min read

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Did anyone else see the short spot on CNN Headline news yesterday on the controversial Left Behind video game?  I can’t seem to pull it up on their site.  However, the lefties are still hemming and hawing over it, but what really make me laugh was this japanese (?) gamer who reviewed it in Christian Game Surprisingly Damn Good:

Yes, you can play on the side of the anti-Christ. Yes, you get power-ups in the form of Bible scripture. Yes, you have to pray to keep your spirit levels up. Yes, there is a ton of violence and carnage. Yes, Kirk Cameron is in the game. Maybe. I think I saw his righteous afro on an in-game billboard. But, no, we can’t make fun of it just yet.  Damn it. Why’d it have to be good?!

I might even have to pick it up when it hits the $20 bin at Circuit City.