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imageWhat is it in us that likes to poke at the monkey in the cage?  Insecurity, playfulness, original sin?  The monkey I love to torment is the evolutionary believer – why?  Because I once was one.  As a trained Biochemist, I found creationists maddeningly ignorant – until I started reading up on the facts (or lack thereof) and realized that it was *I* who had been brainwashed (See On Leaving Evolution and Conned by Evolution or even Mass Delusion)

Books like this new one, The Darwin Myth: The Life and Lies of Charles Darwin, are aimed squarely at uncritical believers, evaluating Darwinism not only from the scientific perspective, but the sociological and historical as well.  Here’s a little of the description from the publishers:

In The Darwin Myth, Wiker reveals:

  • Why Darwin didn’t “discover” evolution
  • How Darwin set out to create a godless version of evolution
  • Why many of his best friends and allies criticized Darwin’s theory, and how he never refuted their objections
  • How “social Darwinism” is not a misapplication of Darwinism, but is Darwinism
  • Why Darwin’s theory supported natural slavery, an institution he abhorred
  • How much of what we know about Darwin comes from his Autobiography–which at key points is downright misleading
  • How Darwin helped make ideological atheism the battle cry of science

Instructive and illuminating, The Darwin Myth casts aside
Darwinism’s politically correct veneer and offers a critical,
scientific analysis of Darwin’s life and his history-changing theory.