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First Atheist Church of St. Darwin4 min read

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Recently around the world, scores of people gathered together to celebrate the birthday of a man, whom they revere. The organizers called it a  “global holiday that transcends separate nationalities and cultures.” They said prayers and sang hymns, including O life that makest all things new, Our founders’ faith we’ll sing of thee, and Morning on morning. The holiday was, of course, Darwin Day.

Christians have long maintained that humans were created to worship God and in the absence of a true faith in Him, humans will look to a variety of substitutes. For a time, atheists and humanists seemed to be content with merely placing themselves or possibly the abstract idea of science in the place of a deity.

It seems that many have converted to the newly organized religion of Darwinsim, in essence worshiping a man who died hundreds of years ago. But don’t mock them, they make no claims that he was resurrected, that would be silly, instead they simply say that Darwin’s ideas will “unite a global community.” They want to “honor his questioning spirit” and “celebrate his courage in speaking out for the truths he believed.”

One of Darwin’s worshipers praised his name:

…he left us a turbulent world of perpetual change. Ever since Darwin, we live in a world of stories. The story of that change will be told forever. We’ll never get tired of reading and rereading it. First Darwin journeys alone from surmise to sunrise. Then the truth dawns on us all.

Of course, this is just the opinion of a Christian on the outside. It’s not like any atheists have noticed the evangelistic and religious nature of their fellow nonbelievers.

Atheists claim to value reason above blind faith and individuality above the lock-step certitude of religion. My own rejection of faith, I hoped, would allow me to indulge in wicked thoughts and pork-based dishes. I hoped I could, forever, avoid hallelujah get-togethers, groupthinky organizations and constraining labels.

Yet, these days, atheists are organized. They’re activists. They will probably sue you. They have become exasperatingly earnest, hopelessly serious and unnecessarily pushy.

They have, in other words, become as tedious as Joel Osteen. And there are few greater sins.

Now, I may possess the same level of conviction that a believer enjoys. I was, after all, imparted tremendous knowledge by the numerous tracts of atheist faith that litter the national bestseller lists. And, I’ve noticed, any skepticism about non-belief is to be met with rigidity and disdain from fellow “freethinkers” — a word which suggests that 95 percent of Americans are idiotic non-thinkers.

Over at HotAir, Allahpundit has made his own personal unbelief well known. He has also made his feelings known about the evangelistic atheism – their holiday tree, co-opting of gay rights language, whining to be included in interfaith service, their hood ornament symbol, their desire to have a proselytizing message at a Christmas display, and of course their own Sunday School.

Obviously, some atheists recognize the new religious fervor with which modern day non-believers are attempting to spread their non-faith. For those of us that are believers, it comes as no surprise. Atheism was only a reaction to a belief system. It is attempting to form itself into an actual belief system, but in doing so it only demonstrates the point of Christians even more. Atheism can only attempt to serve as anti-Christianity or pseudo-Christianity.

It co-opts practices and ideas from the belief system it disagrees with so vehemently. Humanity was made with a sense of the divine and a void that is only filled through interaction with something beyond ourselves, many atheists seem to have understood this fact, but instead of choosing to worship God, they have chosen to create their own by deifying themselves or one of their own.