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British film ‘Creation’ can’t find a U.S. distributor?1 min read

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Atheist, Darwinist, and Christian websites are abuzz about the British bio pic of Charles Darwin, because it seems that the British producer is having trouble finding an American distributor to pick it up.

What amuses me is the amazement of Darwinists who can’t wrap their minds around the fact that only 39% of Americans believe in evolution as an explanation of origins.  While they chock it up to religious American fervor and their superior intellect, they overlook the fact that there may be good reasons to BE skeptical of evolution – but they can not be truly skeptical because it is part of their metaphysical world view, which even they are too scared to seriously examine.  I mean, if evolution is NOT true, they are left with either God or some other undiscovered process.  We couldn’t have that.

I think this movie looks interesting.  I would go see it.  Here are some downloadable clips from the movie.