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Objectivists, subjectivists, and realists

A good friend of mine has wandered full force into the positive thinking, humanistic, Dale Carnegie type of success training that is popular in professional circles these days. Now, I don’t necessarily disparage it, and there is a lot of…


An Anti-theist reading list

I just discovered (via the Secular Nation podcast, one of the many atheist/anti-theist/secularist podcasts I follow) Margaret Downey’s answer to the Christmas Tree, the Tree of Knowledge – that is, an atheists’ substitute for the religious celebration of Christ. Downey…


Why are Jews predominantly liberal?

One of the most annoying voices on conservative talk radio is Mark Levin, author of the bestselling Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto. However, it’s all I’ve got some days, and once in a while, he has an interesting guest…