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God is the Gospel – review2 min read

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I recently finished reading God is the Gospel by John Piper for Mind & Media.

Before I received the book, I was looking forward to digging into a large, scholarly theology book. I got a small, scholarly theology book.

This made me think it would be a quick, enjoyable read. I was wrong and I am not sure why.

I think the topic for this book is fantastic – that God must be the everything. He must be the reason why the Gospel is the good news. The back of the book excited me when I read: “None of Christ’s gospel deeds and none of our gospel blessings are good news except as means of seeing and savoring the glory of Christ.”

I essentially agreed with everything that John Piper was saying in this book, I simply could not “get into it.” I found the book thought-provoking, yet tedious to read. Piper lays out the evidence scripturally and logically, but not captivatingly (to me).

It is a short book (only 179 pages), but it took me forever to read because I kept having to make myself read it.

I thought everything about the book was right, it just lacked that certain “it” that makes a book go from being something you are reading to fill up time to something that you make time to read.

Maybe this book will capture you. It may have just been me at the time I was reading it. If you want to know more about why God Himself, not the things from God, should be our reason for salvation, read this book.

It is entirely possible that you will love it and find my review terrible. It is even possible that I will read this book again some day and find my own review terrible, but today I had too work too hard to enjoy a book that intrigued me from the beginning.

Regardless of my review, thanks to Crossway and Mind & Media for the opportunity to read this book.

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