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How to Write – review2 min read

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If you need a handy, short guide to help with any writing project, be it a short report or a gigantic book, How to Write is the perfect aid.

The book is broken down into three sections: Organizing for the job, Turning out a first draft, and Polishing the product. Each section is also broken down into sub-sections that delve deeper into specifics.

It is very easy to refer back to and look up the tip or information from the different sections. It provides many helpful hints for writing that you may or may not know. The hints and tips are so simple and basic that for the most part you will be saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

While there is no groundbreaking material cover in the book, it does run counter to many long-held beliefs. The opening premise is that writing is “less of an art than a process.” The book intends to teach you the process by which writing comes about. Being someone who has always been told that I have the “gift” of writing, that scares me somewhat, but it also encourages me to hone and improve my skills.

You can currently get the e-book version for $1.99, which is well worth the miniscule investment. This is what I read, but I would have rather read a paper version to make it even easier to find the sections I was looking for.

Thanks to Mind & Media for allowing me the opportunity to read this helpful handbook.

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