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Live Life Like You’re Gonna Die – Cause You’re Gonna1 min read

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Living My wife and I had to bail on a party this weekend that I was looking forward to attending.  One of her friends’ mother was having a last party before she dies.  That’s right.  She has inoperable cancer, and not much time to live, so she wanted to have one last party, and then keep people away as she suffered through her last stages.  While thinking about this, the book Living With the End in Mind: A Practical Checklist for Living Life to the Fullest by Embracing Your Mortality came to mind. 

This wonderful book is one I need to read again, and DO it this time.  The author was given one year to live, and wrote with her husband about what to do during that little time you have left.  I think she lived four years, but the book is a great one for people thinking about what has meaning.  I just checked, and it is out of print, but in so much demand that the cheapest I can find it for used is $45 (I use usedbooksearch)  Man, I should get their permission to republish, maybe using lulu.  Interestingly, this book was also published under an alternate name (but same ISBN), Prepare to Die, Expect to Live.