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The 101 Most Dangerous Professors2 min read

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Is America the root cause of the problems in the world?  Are terrorists freedom fighters while GWB is more akin to Hitler?  Are most Republicans racists who are more like Nazi’s than egalitarian Americans?  The answers to these question is often YES if you are one of the influential and powerful 101 American college faculty members highlighted in this book by David Horowitz, entitled The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America.

In a CBN interview yesterday, Horowitz discussed the problem with liberal professors in American colleges:

“In Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at most colleges, the ratio of liberal to conservative professors is about 9:1.  UC-Berkeley and Stanford did a study that estimated 7:1 and 9:1 across all professorships at their schools, but in Junior Professors, the ratio is about 30:1.  That’s because the left has instituted a black list [of ideas] about 20 years ago, it’s very ruthless, [which] excludes libertarians, believing Christians, and conservatives in general from faculties.

On Faculty Search Committees, Horowitz said:

“Three members of the faculty choose from 100-800 applicants for one position, and narrow it down to 3 applicants for the rest of the faculty to review….The left refers to this as “revolution by search committee.”  *** polemic warning *** Because the left’s ideas of Universities is like everything else – they are institutions to USE to attack [the problems in] larger society – they don’t see them as schools, but as indoctrination and training centers.”

Horowitz has a blog (Dangerous Professors) where he answers critics, and posts other nice rants no.