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Is Genesis Metaphorical or Historical?

One of the more informative podcasts I listen to regularly is Issues Etc.  Recently, they interviewed Joel Heck, who’s written a very inexpensive book entitled In the Beginning, God: Creation from God’s Perspective, which examines the questions surrounding the historicity and interpretation of Genesis. I...


Reasonable Faith Conference Day 2 / Session 3

Jay Richards – did physics kill God? (Stephen Hawking) INTRO 1. For the materialist, the fundamental and foundational source is the universe… Carl Sagan said ‘the universe is all there is, was, or will be.’ >> But the cosmos is NOT eternal A. Three strikes...


Reasonable Faith Conference Day 2 Session 3

Wm Craig – 7 evidences for God 1. Why does anything exist? (Cosmological argument) A. Contingency argument 1. Everything that exists has an explanation for its existence, either necessary or contingent a. The universe used to be thought as eternally and self existent. Now we...