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Why the Evil God Challenge Fails

In The Evil God Challenge, Flipping Arguments, I attempted to outline Stephen Law’s argument against the existence of a good God. In this post, I present the arguments that undermine Law’s argument. Enjoy. 1. Theodicies are NOT arguments FOR a good God. In the EGC,...


The Evil God Challenge – Flipping Arguments

In a recent, highly publicized series of debates in the U.K. between William Lane Craig, Christian philosopher and apologist, and a series of atheists, resulted in some very interesting outcomes. One new emphasis that came from the seemingly exhausted subject of God’s existence was what...


Is Genesis Metaphorical or Historical?

One of the more informative podcasts I listen to regularly is Issues Etc.  Recently, they interviewed Joel Heck, who’s written a very inexpensive book entitled In the Beginning, God: Creation from God’s Perspective, which examines the questions surrounding the historicity and interpretation of Genesis. I...

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