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WWJD: Whom would Jesus abort?

Abortion is a highly contested topic, like many other human rights issues (there are arguably two, if not three humans involved). Here’s my summary of the issue, from a moderate conservative point of view. But we need to ask ourselves, would Jesus support aborting babies? 1....


Obvious (Dead) Child – An ‘Abortion Comedy’

Full disclosure, I have not seen Obvious Child, and have only read/heard a handful of detailed reviews, both positive and negative. However, this film appears to bring up some important questions and concerns for those of us who are pro-life and anti-abortion. 1. Planned Parenthood helped...


7 Reasons why we engage in ‘outrage porn’

 This post is pat of a series. In 10 symptoms you are addicted to outrage porn, I brought to the fore the many things I recognized in my own self as I tried to disengage from this activity. And so I’ve asked myself many questions, including...