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Liberalism’s warped morality: condemn waterboarding, condone femicide?2 min read

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One accusation that both conservatives and liberals make against one another is that their opponents' hierarchy of values is out of order, if not outright contradictory.

For instance – Conservatives, how can you say you are concerned for the poor if you want to cut social programs?  Why do you get so bent out of shape about homosexuality when seemingly more pressing social issues are at hand?

Conservatives, of course, have responses to these challenges, but I am not sure that they convince their liberal detractors.

But in the case of abortion, it seems hard for us conservatives to understand how liberals fail to recognize the humanity of at least the late term fetus.  In light of this, their outrage at using waterboarding, a non-lethal (though not kind) interrogation technique seems laughable. 

Even worse, the liberal reluctance to define the humanity of the fetus is now leading us down the slippery slope towards infanticide.

Case 1: Sweden legalizes sex-selection abortion

When we value our individual freedom above the rights of the unborn, this is just one of issues we will face.  Failing to heed the problems that female sex-selection abortion has created in China and India, Sweden has now legalized what some are calling 'gendercide or 'femicide.'

Many in the U.S. are also considering what to do about this 'choice' – should we take it away?  China is and Britain have both banned it.  Are they being oppressive? 

But not 'progressive' Sweden. 

Case 2: Texas set to reduce penalties for infanticide

Rep. Jessica Farrar, D-Houston has proposed to reduce the penalties for post-partum depression murder of a child less than a year old.

Liberals are defending the legislation saying that it is compassionate towards those with mental illness.  Is this compassion?  For the mother, perhaps, but for the baby, er, not-quite-human-infant?

This reduction of penalty is exactly what we might expect from a value system that does not protect the helpless.  It is part an parcel of the 'all heart but no logic' liberal approach to ethics and morals, which is generally subjective, anti-life and anti-family, and bad for society.  God help us.