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The history of anti-abortion violence? Negligable

Political Math tried to find and visualize the amount of violence associated with the pro-life movement in America.  I mean, these people are a menace, right?  Give me a break.  As PM remarks, a proper description of the Tiller murder would be this: This incident...


Is memory a characteristic of personhood?

Obviously, in and of itself, being able to remember does not make on a person, as animals can remember. However, for most of those who believe that personhood is a separate idea than humanity, the idea of consciousness and mental abilities often play into their...


Who performs the majority of abortions in the US?

I had a (somewhat heated) discussion with a liberal friend of mine who, when I retorted that Planned Parenthood was bad because they were the leading abortion provider in the us, told me that I did not know what I was talking about, that Planned...