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Outrage over abortion needs to increase1 min read

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The first article below is very good – if the outrage over corruption at Planned Parenthood is amped up, perhaps we can get them defunded too.  God knows abortion mills are more evil than what happens at ACORN – I mean, come on, covering up statutory rape?

We need to quit pumping tax dollars into organizations that kill in the name of health.

Perspective: Outrage over ACORN, but not abortion
The ACORN scandal shows that if Congress wants to act, it can.

ACORN-related documents requested of feds
Watch has filed three Freedom of Information Act lawsuits seeking
documents related to the controversial community activist organization

America's pro-life, pro-abortion gap oh so slight
A recent poll indicates Americans are more pro-life than ever.

School cancels speech from conservative activist
activist David Horowitz has been asked not to present a speech titled
"Islamo-Fascism Awareness and Civil Rights" at St. Louis University.

Perspective: Wouldn't it be nice?
…if we had a president more interested in defending the honor of his country than in polishing his own global celebrity?