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12 Ways we should be looking for voter fraud in the US3 min read

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I am continually amazed at the duplicity of both parties, but especially among progressives who are unwilling to look into potential fraud because they are afraid it will overturn the supposed Biden win.

Here are 12 ways in which I would like to see evidence of real fraud investigation. If we are not doing these then we are not doing our due diligence and not ensuring that our system is safe.

  1. DEAD PEOPLE: can we confirm what percentage of mail in ballots are confirmed as people who are dead or no longer living at the address listed? How accurate are the voter rolls?
  2. SIGNATURES: can we audit the signature checking and make sure it was done correctly?
  3. BALLOT HARVESTING: can we audit the ballot harvesting and look to see what percentage of the votes went to which candidates and whether or not those harvested ballots were legit?
  4. DATA TRANSFER: Can we do forensics on the data and ensure that it is not been manipulated but only copied? Looking at date stamps and such.
  5. MAILING DATES: What percentage of ballots were received before the sent date? That seem to be an issue in Pennsylvania.
  6. DUE DATES: what percentage of ballots were delivered after the due date or had unreadable mail stamps?
  7. DEMOGRAPHICS ODDITIES: Have you looked for any unusual number patterns that may indicate fraud, such as increases in great amounts of people over 90? More votes than registered voters?
  8. ASSISTING METHODS: Have the audits been done fairly? With witnesses from both sites?
  9. CHAIN OF CUSTODY: Have we confirmed a secure chain of custody for ballots and data? What about people coaching others to vote? Have we prevented that?
  10. RECOUNT METHODS: Are the recounts being done in a fair manner? For instance, in Georgia none of the ballots that failed the signature test are being examined or recounted. We’re witnesses from both parties allowed to participate and watch closely? Were there adequate safeguards to prevent fraud in the recounts?
  11. LEGAL CHANGES: Should we invalidate changes in voting rules that were made within a month before the election either because they were done illegitimately or increased the chance of fraud?
  12. REAL NUMBERS: I think the lack of evidence is for the lack of looking. For the lack of having trained people who are independent looking into what’s going on. I don’t trust homeland security anymore than I trust the FBI because of the problems of the deep state. Any time they say there is no fraud or no mistakes I know they haven’t looked because obviously there is some level of fraud and mistakes in any system. I mean it’s like claiming there’s no systematic fraud in Social Security. Everybody knows there is because where there is an opportunity for fraud the reality is that it always Happens.


The newly introduced liberal policies of unsolicited ballots in ballot harvesting as well as unsecure software and connections to the Internet and data transfers have not been adequately examined, and the fact that these are huge opportunities for fraud means that it has happened or that people have attempted it. If you haven’t even found even an attempt I know you are not looking.