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6 Voter Types, including the Deplorables

As a moderate conservative, I have a love/hate relationship with center left news sources like NPR and Slate.com. They often put out thoughtful pieces, but the latter often leans too far left and misses the larger perspective. Case in point is William Saletan’s article with...


Dear Progressive Christians: The Glass is Half Full

I want to suggest a shift in mindset that can move us from alienation and grief to hope and action. I stress mindset, because, as it is said, “our attitude determines our altitude.” Until we can adopt a constructive attitude, we will stay inert, or worse, destructive. Here are three things we can consider:

The glass is half full
The glass is dirty
The glass is half empty


The 4 Election Choices for Social Conservatives

As Albert Mohler intoned in his recent Washington Post article, Donald Trump has created an excruciating moment for evangelicals. While liberals who have flouted sexual ethics for decades, including poo pooing the sins of their own luminaries like Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and JFK, they...


Trump’s “Scary” Overture to 2nd Amendment Supporters is Jeffersonian

When Trump attempts to make a half-serious overture of understanding to gun advocates, he is not intentionally, nor actually encouraging the rank and file to kill Hillary. Because conservatives (unlike by comparison, liberals) have a respect for authority and law, there is no real conspiracy to kill Hillary that we have to be careful not to feed. This isn’t Islam.

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