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Why racism is the wrong diagnosis for the GOP and Donald Trump4 min read

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I resist the racist interpretation of everything conservative for a few reasons.

1. Reductionism

First, it’s a sloppy reductionist approach to a complex issue. We know that conservatives and president Trump object to specific ideologies like Islam that have little to do with race. Even if race was involved, ignoring the rest of the picture makes race an over-sized, if not unnecessary component.

2. The Immigration Ban Excludes Many Muslim Nations

Second, the fact that Trump’s ban on immigration from specific countries indicated that his primary motive is ideology not race. Even more, he did not select all Muslim countries, but those suspected or known to Harbor extremists. This supports the ideology rather than racism motive as his primary approach. Let’s remember this:

The seven Muslim-majority countries targeted in President Trump’s executive order on immigration were initially identified as “countries of concern” under the Obama administration.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Sunday pointed to the Obama administration’s actions as the basis for their selection of the seven countries.1

3. Trump’s Support for Haiti and Hiring Non-whites

Third, in other Arenas Trump has proved that he is not a racist. He has given money for the restoration of Haiti, and even dated a black model before marrying Milania. He has hired and promoted many blacks within his companies. And women. 2 3 4

4. Racism has always been Democratic

Fourth, the narrative of racism among conservatives has been a false narrative promoted by the left for decades. In my mind, what really happened was that when Democrats in the north started becoming liberal on social and economic issues, the racist Democrats in the south left their party to join the GOP.5 They brought with them the racism. But the GOP has been the abolitionists and civil rights party from its Inception, and that impetus is still part of our DNA. Enjoy this history lesson: 6

5. Neo-Nazis reject the Anti-white approach of the left

Fifth, liberals are intent on accusing conservatives of racism due to Neo-Nazi support for Trump, but they misunderstand that affiliation. Neo-nazis are not welcome among conservatives, but they try to align themselves with conservatives because Liberals are (perceived as being) so racist in the reverse direction, i.e. by being anti-white and supporting reverse discrimination such as racial quotas, that the neo-nazis have nowhere else to insert themselves. Conservatives are certainly not anti-Semitic like the neo-nazis – but liberals arguably are.

Unforuntately, no matter how many GOP leaders repudiate these racist groups, the one comment by Donald Trump regarding the Charlotte ……

6. Generational Insensitivity to Racism

6th, Trump is old enough to be part of the generation of whites in which insensitivity to race and even some racists slights were the cultural norm. I do not expect him to be sensitive or aware of such issues, but I don’t think that makes him positively racist, just old and ignorant.

7. It’s the ideology stupid!

Lastly, returning to support for the ideology thesis, he is absolutely right that Africa and Islamic Nations are shitholes. Their ideologies, especially the rejection of Christianity and Enlightenment thinking, they have turned their own countries into war zones. Even worse, islamists come to the west and don’t give up their terrible ideologies but want to foist them upon us. This failure to integrate into the values of the West is a rational fear.

I think the racist approach is just a lazy, inaccurate Canard of the left who see race under every bush.

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