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Why eternal punishment?

Rob Bell’s new book Love Wins is a modern reformulation of Christian Universalism, that is, the idea that all are saved from judgement by the works of Christ. Not a new idea, but controversial coming from a supposed evangelical. One of the questions the problem...


Hypocrites, virgins, and sinners

Recently, I was accused of choosing a stance on an issue because I was favoring my own situation.  Specifically, since I have married a formerly illegal immigrant Mexican, my moderate stance on immigration (which is different from my more conservative positions on most issues) was...


Three Definitions of “Neo-Fundamentalist”

One of the problems with the descriptors “fundamentalist” and “neofundamentalism” is that they carry different meanings among different groups.  This causes confusion when such things are discussed.  Below, I propose three different definitions of neo-fundamenalism, depending on who’s asking.