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Christian Theology Meme3 min read

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Inspired by the largely free-for-all Theological Confessions meme, I thought to write one up that actually has questions.  Enjoy.

1. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 high), how would you rate your theological knowledge and breadth/depth of reading?


2. What thoughts and feelings come to your mind when you hear the word “theology”?

I feel a warmth, because I know how theology can bring clarity and depth and real liberation.  I also feel a little disgust at those who live out in the esoteric deep of “advanced” theology, never coming back to reality with useful, practical, applied theology.

3. Who is your favorite theologian, and why?

Aside from Paul the Apostle, I think that Millard J. Erickson has made a huge contribution with his classic Christian Theology.  It’s basic and introductory, but it’s comprehensiveness and accessibility are exceptional.

4. Who is your least favorite theologian, and why?

John Shelby Spong.  His pro-gay and liberal activist theologies lead many astray.

5. Which theologians have you been meaning to read, but have not gotten to yet?

  • John Owen
  • Karl Barth
  • Jonathan Edwards
  • John Calvin

6. If you are Catholic, can you name a favorite Protestant theologian, and if Protestant, Catholic?

Augustine of Hippo

7. What theologies do you love like a rescue dog that saved your life?

Loraine Boettner’s classic The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination delivered me from a life of Arminian torment.  The doctrine of Predestination (which does not exclude free will, but downplays it’s role in salvation and keeping one’s salvation) is truly good news.

8. What theologies do you see commonly abused and wish people would stop it?

Scriptural inerrancy.  I think this doctrine is either preached in such a conservative way that people of logic reject the Bible (such as in KJV only or plenary inspiration), or rejected in such a liberal way that the inspiration of scripture is denied (e.g. The Jesus Seminar).  Where is the logical, inspired healthy ground?

9. What theologies do you think are from the pit of hell, inspired by demonic powers?

  • Tea-totaling – I’m sorry, but the Baptist approach to drinking is unbiblical – Luther would be ashamed.  And so would Jesus.  I mean, it may not have that much impact, but it’s an assault on Christian freedom, and close to the idea that sex is always bad idea.
  • Pro-gay theology – not only is it unbiblical, it is evidence of the depth of our moral depravity.
  • Celibacy for Priests – though I am not a Catholic, I think this one doctrine has kept more qualified people out of ministry, and created more pedophiles and sexual sinners, than any other false doctrine.  But of course, the entire idea of the Priest is Old Testament, and not even valid for the Christian church to begin with.

10. What theological concept is most needed but ignored in contemporary Christianity?

A healthy, balanced view of the self.  Rather than seeing all self-focus as selfish, which perpetuates self-hatred and the failure to deal with self-concept wounds, we should emphasize healthy self-stewardship, which includes caring for our own spirit, soul, and body.  Scan down this page for the description of the book Putting Away Childish Things.

11. What other intellectuals or pseudo-intellectuals should blog this meme?

I honestly don’t know any others who might do this.  Maybe my friend NeoFundamentalist, but he’s on a blog sabbatical, looks like.