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Suffering: who to blame?1 min read

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Recently scholars NT Wright and Bart Ehrman debated one of the great theological questions of all-time – the existence of suffering balanced with the existence of God. Many have left the Christian faith, including Ehrman, because they could not reconcile the suffering in this world with a God who loved us.

David Kuo, who I don’t always agree with, but find intriguing, offers an interesting take on the idea of suffering and who actually is to blame.

Kuo writes:

I used to think the suffering question was a serious head scratcher, a truly troubling thing – the best evidence against God. No more. I think it is largely an excuse to make ourselves comfortable in our complacency by blaming God for the suffering we aren’t spending our lives addressing.

He argues that in every decision that was made to exploit Africa and her people, God was whispering to those decision makers to do the right thing. They (we) have caused the suffering of the African people with the choices made through out history.

As with the Holocaust and 9/11, why blame God with Nazis and terrorists are right in front of our noses?